the Alien(s) Minute podcast

Analyzing Aliens in short, controlled bursts.

Aliens Episode 91: Trust Issues

Jason Heck returns to talk with John about Ripley's trust issues, posit some wild theories about who might've put the facehugger in the med bay, and go on way too long about Peter Hyams' Outland

Aliens Episode 90: The Last Breather

Todd Norris finishes out the week by talking with John and Mitch about Newt reverting to her old ways, the visual effects in Aliens, and the state of cinema in 2017.

Aliens Episode 89: I Can Take Care Of Myself

Today, Todd, John, and Mitch talk about James Cameron's sense of geography, Ripley as a soldier, and whether Burke seemed as bad in 1986 as he does today.

Aliens Episode 86: Watch Your Fingers

This week, John and Mitch are joined by former guest Todd Norris to talk about the Blu-Ray transfer, Bishop telling a joke, and why there seemed to be a new attitude toward androids in the 80s.

Aliens Episode 76: Why Don't You Put Her In Charge?!?!

John has returned from vacation and he put Crystal Beth in charge of co-hosting duties. They discuss Ripley's administrative strategies with Hudson, how the Xeno cocoons compare to the ones in Stranger Things, and they talk about which version of the Alien they find the most disturbing. Crystal also brought her life partner/ Fifth Eleminute co-host John Robert Wilson along.