the Alien(s) Minute podcast

Analyzing Aliens in short, controlled bursts.

Aliens Episode 21: Fleet Week

This week John is joined by the illustrious New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and his guest Susan Kruglinski to talk about the caricaturish nature of the Marines, to bestow more love on Vasquez, and to discuss the ethical and possibly comedic ramifications of a sex romp on Arcturus.

Aliens Episode 16: Putting a Name to the Company

On today's episode, John welcomes The Next Picture Show's Tasha Robinson as guest host and The Verge's Kwame Opam as guest to talk about nicotine-free cigarettes, the value of giving a name to Weyland-Yutani, and the disheveled condition of Ripley's apartment. 

Aliens Episode 11: The Gaslighting of Ellen Ripley

This week John is accompanied by guest host Scott Carelli from the Back to the Future Minute who helps him welcome film critic Lindsey Romain to talk about the lack of physical evidence aboard the Narcissus, the gaslighting of Ripley, and whether James Cameron was de-feminizing the characters in Aliens.

Aliens Episode 10: They Were Expendable

Jason Heck finishes the week by talking with us about how useless of a friend Burke is to Ripley, why Ripley doesn't accuse the company of murdering her crew, and to talk about the dubious value of the dollar in 2179. (Note: We did have some sound issues toward the end of the show. Sorry for the inconvenience.)