the Alien(s) Minute podcast

Analyzing Aliens in short, controlled bursts.

Aliens Episode 63: Where's Bowski?!?!?

Today Kyle and Tyler join John to discuss the significance of the marines being killed in non-alien related incidents, why there is a character named Wierzbowski, and Tyler brags incessantly about winning the Best Actor State of Missouri Award from 2000. 

Aliens Episode 61: What the F@*k Are We Gonna Do Now?

This week John is joined by Battleship Pretension co-host Tyler Smith and Kyle Anderson from Nerdist to talk about the competency of the Marines, throwing characters into other genres with the same movie, and whether Aliens is demystifying by nature.

Aliens Episode 56: Busy Little Creatures

Today, John is joined by his ABCDevo co-hosts Tom Taylor and Joe Mazel to talk about talk why the Marines have to be reminded to check their targets, how Dietrich is the only one qualified to touch stuff, and the reasons behind Burke's fascination with the Xenomorph.

Aliens Episode 55: Pete the Gorman

Pete returns for one last episode and he brought Matt Gourley (James Bonding, I Was There Too) with him to talk about Pete's desire to be Gorman in a video game scenario, whether any prequel has ever been any good, and to discuss a possible BBC Nature Documentary about the Xenomorph.

Aliens Episode 52: A Spooky Misdirect

Today, Pete the Retailer joins John again to talk about alphabetical android progression of the Alien franchise, the eerie misdirect of Lance Henriksen's performance in the lab, and how George Lucas should've taken notes from Aliens while writing the prequels.

Aliens Episode 51: Hugging the Subject

Today, Pete the Retailer from Star Wars Minute and his wife Ella join us to talk about Star Wars, to further discuss Carrie Henn's performance, and to listen to John go on and on about the composition and editing of the dialogue between Ripley and Newt.