the Alien(s) Minute podcast

Analyzing Aliens in short, controlled bursts.

Aliens Episode 106: Child Endangerment

This week John is joined again by Lindsey Romain to discuss putting child characters in harm's way, the implied danger of water, and a few welcome changes from the first draft of the Aliens screenplay.  

Aliens Episode 100: I'd Like to Keep My Face

Tasha finishes out the week with John and Matthew Peterson to talk about why the heck Hicks puts his gosh darn face in the ceiling.

Aliens Episode 98: Game Time

Bryan Bishop joins John and Tasha one last time to ask: Should Vasquez have had a reading on her tracker? Should Ripley and crew have hauled ass to the fall back position in the first place? Should Tasha be torturing John with images of scary, scary bats? Listen and find out the answers.

Aliens Episode 97: Red Alert

Tasha and Bryan return to talk with John about Hicks' execution plan, Aliens chess sets, and Ripley's situational awareness.