Where Are All The Good Men? (Info + Story)

If there is one thing many women agree on especially given the times we are leaving in is the fact that there are simply no more good men out there anymore. It’s very easy to find women who are not only good looking, in good physical shape, living interesting lives, and also very successful struggling to find someone to settle down with. And it’s across all ages surprisingly, am talking about from the early 30’s all the way to the late ’40s and so on. So what’s the problem exactly? Have all good men simply disappeared?

While there are some bad men out there, and I mean really bad men, there are lots of exceptions. It is with this that one might argue that the problem is with the women who are complaining that they are no good men anymore. A number of them simply don’t want to open their eyes and see what’s in front of them or what’s being presented to them. 

Where are all the good men

As the saying goes, women are always attracted to bad boys. This claim, as much as many women like to brush it off, is very true. This is why many of them end up with men that not only treat them badly but also end up sleeping around ultimately breaking their hearts.

Still don’t believe me? Well, take for instance this story a friend of mine was sharing with me some time back about this girl (will call her Sarah in this post) whom he had a crush on while in school and even when they reconnected later on in life.

The relationship between my friend and Sarah started way back in college. While they were close friends, nothing ever materialized between them romantically despite my friend dropping hints. Fast forward some years later and the two rekindled their relationship only now they were not in school but the outside world.

My friend was now working and Faith was just finishing up her internship. During this time, the two ended up spending time together and when I say time, I mean a great amount of time. In fact, they ended up even taking part in events that one would term very romantic more than once (by the way am just telling a story here).

Where are all the good men

Still, nothing really happened between them, in fact, during some of the places they went to, Faith was complaining about this guy she knew who she really wanted to date but he just never gave her the attention she wanted. She went on and on about how he was working for a good company, has money and so on but his attitude and behavior towards her weren’t just right.

Yes yes, my friend was friend-zoned I know but that’s not the point. See how Faith was with a good man who would have done anything for her and she just never realized as she was following the so-called bad boys. This is very common with many women today; they end up falling for the wrong men.

With this in mind, we can confidently conclude that yes, there are plenty of good men out there. All you need to do is just step out and look.

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Did You Lost Interest In Video Games? + Reddit’s Responses!

Are video games just not doing it for you anymore? This is a very common occurrence and it shouldn’t worry you, here is what you need to know.

Losing interest in video games is nothing new. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how often this happens and to how many people it happens to. One of the main reasons why many tend to lose interest in video games is age. As we grow older, we tend to get caught up in a number of things such as work, family, friends, and even relationships.

These things, simply put, end up eating up or taking a lot of our time. With limited time, being able to play video games becomes difficult. Slowly by slowly, you’ll be fighting the urge to play and ultimately lose interest altogether. 

Losing Interest In Video Games: When It Usually Starts

In most cases, many start losing interest in video games at around the age of 20. This is when most of us are starting a college education. Understanding how things were before moving to college for just about any gamer is important in detailing how your interest slowly fades away.

So before college, you probably spent much of your day playing just about any game you could get your hands on, and who can blame you with all that free time. This is especially so if you were studying at a school that was close to your home.

When you move to college, chances are you’ll lose most of your free time. You’ll also need to find a way of setting up your video game space a-fresh while at college, something that’s impossible if you don’t have the money.

Regardless of what transpires, chances are high that you’ll not be constantly on your screen playing video games. This slight break or pause is bound to get even bigger as you start being more interested in things like art or music while you are in college. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’ve completely lost interest in videos.

How About In College?

While many people who lose interest in video games do so while in college, for some it happens to them while they are still at home. Even worse, they have plenty of time to play video games.

In such scenarios, the issue is usually down to getting used to a certain game or games. Simply put, the games you play don’t challenge you anymore and even the people you play with don’t challenge you and as such you slowly start to pull off.

Worth noting with this type of interest is that it usually comes back after a period of time especially with a release of a new game especially if it’s a version of a game that you used to love.

Did You Lost Interest In Video Games: Reddit’s Responses

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

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Why Do People Hate Fedoras? + Reddit’s Responses!

Fedoras are not ideal fashion accessories. Well, not my words, this is according to many who’ve gone online to share their hate for Fedora.

If you’ve been keen on matters of fashion then you are well aware of the hate that fedoras have been getting online. Interestingly enough, the hate is just not from guys; I mean even ladies are joining the fedora hate brigade. For an outsider all this hate just doesn’t make sense, I mean they are just hats right plus, a number of A-list celebrities who are considered trendsetters such as Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest are wearing them.

So why do people hate fedoras?

They’ll Make You Look Like A Pick-Up Artist (You Wouldn’t Want That Would You)

Fedoras are generally associated with pick-up artists. They are very big with the pick-up artist community with just about everyone there rocking one. When you choose to wear one, chances are high that you’ll be mistaken for a pick-up artist. It’s even worse if you were to wear it with a black suit because now you’ll not only be mistaken for a pick-up artist but one who actually looks like the blue brothers.

It’s Hard To Style or Coordinate

Styling or coordinating a fedora with just about any outfit is very difficult, think of it as being slapped on by many people who wear it and it actually shows. What’s the point of going for headwear that’s not just difficult to style but also hard to coordinate with your other outfits?

No One Will Take You Seriously

When you wear a fedora no one, and I mean no one will take you seriously. Yes, when you choose to wear this fashion accessory keep in mind that no one is going to take you seriously even if you were holding a kitchen knife that’s how bad it is.

You Can’t Wear one With Headphones

Headphones today do more than just give you access to your stored music. In fact, they are quickly becoming a fashion statement in their own right with many choosing to wear them around their neck, slightly above their heads, and so on just to showcase their style. While this is so, a fedora, due to its build, doesn’t allow you to wear one. So you’ll probably end up missing out on your music and the chance of showcasing your style with your headphones.

Why Do People Hate Fedoras: Reddit’s Responses

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit


Forgetting all the additional drama, the main reason why many people hate fedoras is the fact that they are very difficult to style. Regardless of how you choose to wear them, they’ll just not work for you. Think of them as that one fashion accessory that’s not meant for the masses. In fact, one might argue that the only reason why celebrities get away with wearing them is simply that they are celebrities.

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How To Stop Nipples Showing Through Shirt? + Reddit’s Responses!

Nipples, nipples, nipples, yes we said it, nipples, always showing up when there are not supposed to.  

If your nipples are permanently set to “stun”, even when you don’t want them to, I wrote this post specifically with you in mind. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to stop your nipples from showing through your shirt.

But first, it’s only right that we look deeply at nipples, in particular, what is their purpose; I mean am sure am not the only one who has ever asked myself this.

Oh and btw not sure why and how this is important or if it helps when it comes to hiding them nipples but hey since we are on the subject of nipples we might as well just go for it.

Nipples & Their Purpose

Man nipples, as some of you might have guessed, serve no purpose whatsoever. Yes, just like our tailbone, wisdom teeth, and even tonsils, our nipples don’t help in us anyway. Actually, one might argue that tonsils, out of these vestigial structures, have a purpose and that is to get infected and as such we might just have to remove it from that list.  

Given that our nipples serve no purpose whatsoever, it allows us to get away with a lot (okay not that much).

I mean, if you wanted to right now, you can walk around topless, of course, you don’t want to do this around your neighborhood, people might get the wrong impression but if you are running around your neighborhood or simply taking a stroll around the beach you can get away with being topless or if you like showing off them nipples.

Although we can get away with showing off our nipples, we don’t want them showing up all the time especially when we are in situations that are more serious for instance when making a presentation in your office. If you can relate, do this.

Wear Thick Shirts

One of the reasons why your nipples are showing is your shirt. To be exact you are wearing thin light shirts. It is best that you go for dress shirts that are made using thick material. Furthermore, they should have a slightly dark complexion.

Layer Up With The Right Shirt

Layering up is another simple solution to this problem. Many tend to do it wrong sadly. You’ll find them layering up with just about any shirt; their thinking is the more the better.

This is far from correct. Make sure you pick the ideal shirt to layer up with. Worth noting, always settle for gray shirts if possible when layering up as its darker tone stops your nipple from showing.

How To Stop Nipples Showing Through Shirt: Reddit’s Responses

how to stop nipples showing through shirt reddit

how to stop nipples showing through shirt reddit

how to fix nipples showing through shirt reddit

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What Is Considered A Date? + Reddit’s Reponses!

It’s an age-old question, are we on a date or are we simply just hanging out? Here is how you can tell one from the other.

Let’s face it; dating today, despite even the presence of dating apps that are meant to make dating easy, is no joke. More often than not, dating nowadays is an intentionally ambiguous labyrinth that’s full of missed and mixed signals.

We are all just constantly wandering around looking for positive hints and signs along the way to help us tell whether or not someone likes us. It is with this that many of us find ourselves in situations where we are not sure whether or not we are on a date or simply just hanging out with our sorta-friend, co-worker or crush.

This post will help you cure your confusion about dating by pointing out things to look out for the next time you and your crush are out on a meet or “date.”

Thoughtfully Planned In Advance

If there was some effort put in planning your meet, chances are you two are on a date. To paint a better picture of this I’ll share with you two scenarios. Scenario one, meet up at a local restaurant or bar for drinks after work, and scenario two, taking a trip across town to his or her favorite park for an evening picnic, just the two of you. The second scenario, as you can tell, requires effort to put together. This is the one that you want in order for you to be sure that you are on a date.

You Are The Centre of Their Attention

It is considered a date if you are in the center of their attention. If she or he is constantly looking at you making eye contact during your meet then you are the center of their attention. The same applies if they are intimately engaged in your conversations or if their body reacts positively and openly to the moment or situation.

Makes An Effort With Physical Appearance

If it’s a date they’ll make an attempt to improve their physical appearance. Am talking about wearing nice clothes (some even pull up new strands), their hair is perfectly laid and most importantly they smell nice. If this is so, they’ve improved their physical appearance for the meet; chances are you are on a date.

She/He Is Flirty or Playful With You

If he is in bro-mode with you and even worse calls you dude during your meet, you are not on a date. The same also goes if she is giving you friend or bro-like vibes during your meet. On the other hand, if they are playful and flirty then yes you are on a date. You can tell whether or not the other person is being flirty by watching out for lingering eye contact, positive body language, and even playful smiles.

What Is Considered A Date: Reddit’s Responses

what is considered a date reddit

what qualifies as a date

what is considered a date

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How Many White Claws To Get Drunk + Reddit’s Responses!

It’s Friday night, you’re trying to get drunk with your best friends. You’re walking through the isle of the liquor store and stumbled upon a case of White Claws.

Now you’re curious, your friends are curious, and the cashier is curious.

How many White Claws will get you drunk?

At AlienMinute, we decided to go to each subreddit to find answers from different people.

how many white claws to get drunk
Source: r/Alcohol
  • Redditor #1 – This user claimed to finished 10 out of 12 cans and still feel slightly buzzed.
  • Redditor #2 – This user drank an entire pack and claimed that he/she, in fact, did get drunk.

With only a few comments, we decided to check out r/WhiteClaw and stumbled upon another Redditor asking this question.

how many white claws to get drunk reddit

  • Redditor #3 – One user commented “2 Claws to start breaking the laws.” 

Without any clear answer to this post, 2 Claws sounds about right for one of our team members are AlienMinute.

We’ve tried it.

Of course, everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different! There are heavy drinkers out there and lightweight drinkers. Whether you’re old or young, small or big – everyone has different tolerant levels when drinking alcohol.

Don’t fall for peer pressure unless it’s from your own mother.

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Before you leave us, we’d like to hear from you too!

How many White Claws will it take for YOU to get drunk?

Tinder Reddit – 5 Hilarious Screenshots Of Unimaginable Replies!

In this article, we’re going to cover the five most hilarious screenshots from Tinder Reddit (r/Tinder) posts that’ll give you uncontrollable laughter. If you’re on Tinder often like us from Alien Minute, then you’ll understand the pain of creating the perfect message after matching with the “perfect” person.

And sometimes, these “perfect” messages end up failing miserably.

Fortunately, we have Tinder Reddit community members providing us with a little entertainment from their misery.

We’ve compiled a list of Tinder Reddit posts and we’re ready to share it with you. Here are the 5 most hilarious screenshots of unimaginable replies!

#1 Have Some Faith

reddit tinder post
Source: Have Some Faith

At first, it was a casual conversation with Faith. Once you get the end, you’re going to LOL! Funny enough, that was quite unexpected. The best part about this post is that OP continued to update his conversation.

How did it go with Faith? Let’s see.

tinder reddit screenshot
Source: Tinder With Faith Update

Well – from the looks of it, it seems like he’s rank #1 for Faith’s list of name jokes. Even Redditors joined in and commented jokes and you’re going to fall off your chair. In the screenshot, the last message from him asked her to go out but there wasn’t any response.

What did Redditors say?

tinder reddit comments

Hopefully, OP still has “Faith” at this point. 

#2 Tinder Train Facts

reddit tinder train facts
Source: Tinder Train Facts

Next on the list for hilarious Tinder Reddit posts is this screenshot of a user telling people train facts. That’s right! Unlike the majority of other users, this person created an account to mainly tell people to train facts.

Robots and humans are still trying to figure out their purpose in life but this guy already knows his! Other Redditors claim to have joke accounts but unfortunately, not by choice.

reddit tinder comments

#3 Ben & Jen

tinder ben and jen reddit

If this isn’t a winner, then we don’t know what is. This is one of those rare Tinder conversations that went as smooth as butter and funny at the same time. One Redditor went along the rhymes and commented:

tinder reddit ben and jen

Let’s hope for Ben that it’s not the last time he’ll be hearing from Jen.

#4 One Word Reply

tinder reddit
Source: Tinder 1 Word Reply

For some Tinder users, conversations can be boring that’ll lead to no responses at all. And of course – that’s way better than receiving a 1-word reply, which this Redditor had to deal with. Unfortunately, it really seems like he’s on the road to getting unmatched.

In the end, he updated the Tinder Reddit post with this comment.

tinder reddit unmatched

When your poor soul and spirit get crushed…

#5 “I’m A Toyota Prius”

tinder reddit post
Source: Are You A Hybrid?

Last on the list of funny Tinder Reddit posts is a screenshot of a conversation with their match asking “are you a hybrid?”

Well, this Redditor’s response was spot on. We guess all Asians are a Toyota Prius after all! After hitting the front page, Redditors played along in the comments.

reddit tinder comments

What model are you?

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PS5 Reddit – 5 Best PlayStation Posts That’ll Make You LOL!

If you’re a Redditor, then you’ll understand what’s it like to discover quality PS5 Reddit posts. At Alien Minute, we got your back! Instead of browsing PS5 Reddit posts going feeling different emotions, how about we share with you the funniest posts?

You’re not going to want to miss this.

#1 PS5 Motivational Poster For Finishing Thesis

ps5 reddit motivation
Source: PS5 Motivation After Writing Thesis

What’s more motivational than having an image of a PlayStation 5 with a quote saying “do it for her.” This Redditor taped this image right behind his working space and we’re tempted to do the same. Who needs TED talk when we got PS5?

Meanwhile, other Redditors on this PS5 Reddit post commented hilarious things!

ps5 reddit comments

The original poster is working hard on a thesis and in return, reward himself/herself with a PlayStation 5 while other Redditors drop out of school. Maybe Alien Planet should follow the same path because school sucks, right?

Kids, if you’re reading this – school is 1000x important. Go to school!

#2 When You Made It To A PS5 Page After Lagging For So Long

ps5 reddit meme
Source: Finally Making It To The Next PS5 Webpage

Is this one of the biggest facepalm or i-hate-myself moment in PlayStation history? This PS5 Reddit post sums it up. When this was posted, PlayStation 5 was barely released. The hype was unreal.

Nerds, kids, wives, moms, priests, and everyone else were doing anything possible to bring home a PlayStation 5. What’s even more insane is that there were people purchasing bundles of PlayStation 5’s just to resell them double value.

These hoarders were selling them for $1,000+ and believe it or not, people were actually buying them. From the comments below, you can see the struggles PS5 fans were going through.

ps5 reddit comments

#3 Adults Don’t Feel Bad For Children

reddit ps5 adults children
Source: Adults Don’t Feel Bad For Children

That’s one shower thought to really think about. Do adults have feelings at all when it comes to PlayStation 5? Definitely not! Just like kids, we have our inner nerd when it comes to a brand new game console.

Instead, we’ll just pass down our PlayStation 2’s to the younger generation. Maybe that’s still a little bit too valuable.

Who the heck even has enough money to buy a kid a $500 console? That’s equivalent to 1/4th of rent money in California, 500 tacos, about 9 expensive games, or a band-aid from a US hospital.

ps5 reddit comments

#4 Waiting For Amazon To Deliver Your PS5 Like…

ps5 reddit amazon
Source: Waiting For PS5 From Amazon Guy

You don’t wait for newspapers yet they come every minute. You don’t wait for Mormons knocking on your door but you hear knocking daily.

But waiting for a PlayStation 5? To many gamers, every second feels like an eternity and this meme definitely brings out the full picture. Upvote if you’re staring out of the window right now while holding a coffee mug and waiting for your PlayStation 5 – sike, this isn’t Reddit.

reddit ps5 comments

Even the comment section can relate to this meme.

#5 The Best PS5 Photoshoot Or…?

ps5 photoshoot reddit
Source: Photoshoot With PS5 Bae

And the PlayStation 5 photoshoot of the year goes to…

If you can find a better PS5 photoshoot than this, send it in. At Alien Planet, we don’t think we’ve seen anything better than this. Without a doubt, PS5 is bae and PS5 is life. For some reason, this image gives us a hint of nostalgia like it’s created back in the 90s or something.

ps5 reddit comments