Did You Lost Interest In Video Games? + Reddit’s Responses!

Are video games just not doing it for you anymore? This is a very common occurrence and it shouldn’t worry you, here is what you need to know.

Losing interest in video games is nothing new. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how often this happens and to how many people it happens to. One of the main reasons why many tend to lose interest in video games is age. As we grow older, we tend to get caught up in a number of things such as work, family, friends, and even relationships.

These things, simply put, end up eating up or taking a lot of our time. With limited time, being able to play video games becomes difficult. Slowly by slowly, you’ll be fighting the urge to play and ultimately lose interest altogether. 

Losing Interest In Video Games: When It Usually Starts

In most cases, many start losing interest in video games at around the age of 20. This is when most of us are starting a college education. Understanding how things were before moving to college for just about any gamer is important in detailing how your interest slowly fades away.

So before college, you probably spent much of your day playing just about any game you could get your hands on, and who can blame you with all that free time. This is especially so if you were studying at a school that was close to your home.

When you move to college, chances are you’ll lose most of your free time. You’ll also need to find a way of setting up your video game space a-fresh while at college, something that’s impossible if you don’t have the money.

Regardless of what transpires, chances are high that you’ll not be constantly on your screen playing video games. This slight break or pause is bound to get even bigger as you start being more interested in things like art or music while you are in college. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’ve completely lost interest in videos.

How About In College?

While many people who lose interest in video games do so while in college, for some it happens to them while they are still at home. Even worse, they have plenty of time to play video games.

In such scenarios, the issue is usually down to getting used to a certain game or games. Simply put, the games you play don’t challenge you anymore and even the people you play with don’t challenge you and as such you slowly start to pull off.

Worth noting with this type of interest is that it usually comes back after a period of time especially with a release of a new game especially if it’s a version of a game that you used to love.

Did You Lost Interest In Video Games: Reddit’s Responses

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

did you lost interest in video games reddit

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