How Many White Claws To Get Drunk + Reddit’s Responses!

It’s Friday night, you’re trying to get drunk with your best friends. You’re walking through the isle of the liquor store and stumbled upon a case of White Claws.

Now you’re curious, your friends are curious, and the cashier is curious.

How many White Claws will get you drunk?

At AlienMinute, we decided to go to each subreddit to find answers from different people.

how many white claws to get drunk
Source: r/Alcohol
  • Redditor #1 – This user claimed to finished 10 out of 12 cans and still feel slightly buzzed.
  • Redditor #2 – This user drank an entire pack and claimed that he/she, in fact, did get drunk.

With only a few comments, we decided to check out r/WhiteClaw and stumbled upon another Redditor asking this question.

how many white claws to get drunk reddit

  • Redditor #3 – One user commented “2 Claws to start breaking the laws.” 

Without any clear answer to this post, 2 Claws sounds about right for one of our team members are AlienMinute.

We’ve tried it.

Of course, everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different! There are heavy drinkers out there and lightweight drinkers. Whether you’re old or young, small or big – everyone has different tolerant levels when drinking alcohol.

Don’t fall for peer pressure unless it’s from your own mother.

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How many White Claws will it take for YOU to get drunk?

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