Incall vs. Outcall: What’s the Difference?

Incall vs. Outcall

Incall is when you go to the escort’s location. Outcall is when you meet at a hotel or other location and then go to their home or office. You can also have Incalls with your partner if they are not comfortable meeting in public places (e.g., bars).

What are the Differences Between an Escort Agency and Independent Escorts?

Escort Agencies: They usually only accept new clients through referrals from existing clients who have been satisfied with their services; this means that they do not accept walk-ins, so you must call ahead of time and make sure there will be someone available for your appointment.

Most agencies have websites where you can browse photos and rates of escorts who work there, but some may charge extra for this service (it varies by agency). Some agencies offer free phone calls before booking appointments; others require a deposit upfront (typically nonrefundable after the booking) which goes toward any additional fees the agency charges during the booking process.

Many agencies require credit card information and ID verification on all bookings, although some allow cash payments instead of credit cards (most will ask for a photo ID). If you choose to use an escort agency rather than independent escorts, be aware that most agencies do not allow repeat business from one client to another without prior approval from management staff – so don’t expect them just to take anyone off their books!


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