PS5 Reddit – 5 Best PlayStation Posts That’ll Make You LOL!

If you’re a Redditor, then you’ll understand what’s it like to discover quality PS5 Reddit posts. At Alien Minute, we got your back! Instead of browsing PS5 Reddit posts going feeling different emotions, how about we share with you the funniest posts?

You’re not going to want to miss this.

#1 PS5 Motivational Poster For Finishing Thesis

ps5 reddit motivation
Source: PS5 Motivation After Writing Thesis

What’s more motivational than having an image of a PlayStation 5 with a quote saying “do it for her.” This Redditor taped this image right behind his working space and we’re tempted to do the same. Who needs TED talk when we got PS5?

Meanwhile, other Redditors on this PS5 Reddit post commented hilarious things!

ps5 reddit comments

The original poster is working hard on a thesis and in return, reward himself/herself with a PlayStation 5 while other Redditors drop out of school. Maybe Alien Planet should follow the same path because school sucks, right?

Kids, if you’re reading this – school is 1000x important. Go to school!

#2 When You Made It To A PS5 Page After Lagging For So Long

ps5 reddit meme
Source: Finally Making It To The Next PS5 Webpage

Is this one of the biggest facepalm or i-hate-myself moment in PlayStation history? This PS5 Reddit post sums it up. When this was posted, PlayStation 5 was barely released. The hype was unreal.

Nerds, kids, wives, moms, priests, and everyone else were doing anything possible to bring home a PlayStation 5. What’s even more insane is that there were people purchasing bundles of PlayStation 5’s just to resell them double value.

These hoarders were selling them for $1,000+ and believe it or not, people were actually buying them. From the comments below, you can see the struggles PS5 fans were going through.

ps5 reddit comments

#3 Adults Don’t Feel Bad For Children

reddit ps5 adults children
Source: Adults Don’t Feel Bad For Children

That’s one shower thought to really think about. Do adults have feelings at all when it comes to PlayStation 5? Definitely not! Just like kids, we have our inner nerd when it comes to a brand new game console.

Instead, we’ll just pass down our PlayStation 2’s to the younger generation. Maybe that’s still a little bit too valuable.

Who the heck even has enough money to buy a kid a $500 console? That’s equivalent to 1/4th of rent money in California, 500 tacos, about 9 expensive games, or a band-aid from a US hospital.

ps5 reddit comments

#4 Waiting For Amazon To Deliver Your PS5 Like…

ps5 reddit amazon
Source: Waiting For PS5 From Amazon Guy

You don’t wait for newspapers yet they come every minute. You don’t wait for Mormons knocking on your door but you hear knocking daily.

But waiting for a PlayStation 5? To many gamers, every second feels like an eternity and this meme definitely brings out the full picture. Upvote if you’re staring out of the window right now while holding a coffee mug and waiting for your PlayStation 5 – sike, this isn’t Reddit.

reddit ps5 comments

Even the comment section can relate to this meme.

#5 The Best PS5 Photoshoot Or…?

ps5 photoshoot reddit
Source: Photoshoot With PS5 Bae

And the PlayStation 5 photoshoot of the year goes to…

If you can find a better PS5 photoshoot than this, send it in. At Alien Planet, we don’t think we’ve seen anything better than this. Without a doubt, PS5 is bae and PS5 is life. For some reason, this image gives us a hint of nostalgia like it’s created back in the 90s or something.

ps5 reddit comments


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