How To Stop Nipples Showing Through Shirt? + Reddit’s Responses!

Nipples, nipples, nipples, yes we said it, nipples, always showing up when there are not supposed to.  

If your nipples are permanently set to “stun”, even when you don’t want them to, I wrote this post specifically with you in mind. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to stop your nipples from showing through your shirt.

But first, it’s only right that we look deeply at nipples, in particular, what is their purpose; I mean am sure am not the only one who has ever asked myself this.

Oh and btw not sure why and how this is important or if it helps when it comes to hiding them nipples but hey since we are on the subject of nipples we might as well just go for it.

Nipples & Their Purpose

Man nipples, as some of you might have guessed, serve no purpose whatsoever. Yes, just like our tailbone, wisdom teeth, and even tonsils, our nipples don’t help in us anyway. Actually, one might argue that tonsils, out of these vestigial structures, have a purpose and that is to get infected and as such we might just have to remove it from that list.  

Given that our nipples serve no purpose whatsoever, it allows us to get away with a lot (okay not that much).

I mean, if you wanted to right now, you can walk around topless, of course, you don’t want to do this around your neighborhood, people might get the wrong impression but if you are running around your neighborhood or simply taking a stroll around the beach you can get away with being topless or if you like showing off them nipples.

Although we can get away with showing off our nipples, we don’t want them showing up all the time especially when we are in situations that are more serious for instance when making a presentation in your office. If you can relate, do this.

Wear Thick Shirts

One of the reasons why your nipples are showing is your shirt. To be exact you are wearing thin light shirts. It is best that you go for dress shirts that are made using thick material. Furthermore, they should have a slightly dark complexion.

Layer Up With The Right Shirt

Layering up is another simple solution to this problem. Many tend to do it wrong sadly. You’ll find them layering up with just about any shirt; their thinking is the more the better.

This is far from correct. Make sure you pick the ideal shirt to layer up with. Worth noting, always settle for gray shirts if possible when layering up as its darker tone stops your nipple from showing.

How To Stop Nipples Showing Through Shirt: Reddit’s Responses

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