What Is Considered A Date? + Reddit’s Reponses!

It’s an age-old question, are we on a date or are we simply just hanging out? Here is how you can tell one from the other.

Let’s face it; dating today, despite even the presence of dating apps that are meant to make dating easy, is no joke. More often than not, dating nowadays is an intentionally ambiguous labyrinth that’s full of missed and mixed signals.

We are all just constantly wandering around looking for positive hints and signs along the way to help us tell whether or not someone likes us. It is with this that many of us find ourselves in situations where we are not sure whether or not we are on a date or simply just hanging out with our sorta-friend, co-worker or crush.

This post will help you cure your confusion about dating by pointing out things to look out for the next time you and your crush are out on a meet or “date.”

Thoughtfully Planned In Advance

If there was some effort put in planning your meet, chances are you two are on a date. To paint a better picture of this I’ll share with you two scenarios. Scenario one, meet up at a local restaurant or bar for drinks after work, and scenario two, taking a trip across town to his or her favorite park for an evening picnic, just the two of you. The second scenario, as you can tell, requires effort to put together. This is the one that you want in order for you to be sure that you are on a date.

You Are The Centre of Their Attention

It is considered a date if you are in the center of their attention. If she or he is constantly looking at you making eye contact during your meet then you are the center of their attention. The same applies if they are intimately engaged in your conversations or if their body reacts positively and openly to the moment or situation.

Makes An Effort With Physical Appearance

If it’s a date they’ll make an attempt to improve their physical appearance. Am talking about wearing nice clothes (some even pull up new strands), their hair is perfectly laid and most importantly they smell nice. If this is so, they’ve improved their physical appearance for the meet; chances are you are on a date.

She/He Is Flirty or Playful With You

If he is in bro-mode with you and even worse calls you dude during your meet, you are not on a date. The same also goes if she is giving you friend or bro-like vibes during your meet. On the other hand, if they are playful and flirty then yes you are on a date. You can tell whether or not the other person is being flirty by watching out for lingering eye contact, positive body language, and even playful smiles.

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