Why Do People Hate Fedoras? + Reddit’s Responses!

Fedoras are not ideal fashion accessories. Well, not my words, this is according to many who’ve gone online to share their hate for Fedora.

If you’ve been keen on matters of fashion then you are well aware of the hate that fedoras have been getting online. Interestingly enough, the hate is just not from guys; I mean even ladies are joining the fedora hate brigade. For an outsider all this hate just doesn’t make sense, I mean they are just hats right plus, a number of A-list celebrities who are considered trendsetters such as Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest are wearing them.

So why do people hate fedoras?

They’ll Make You Look Like A Pick-Up Artist (You Wouldn’t Want That Would You)

Fedoras are generally associated with pick-up artists. They are very big with the pick-up artist community with just about everyone there rocking one. When you choose to wear one, chances are high that you’ll be mistaken for a pick-up artist. It’s even worse if you were to wear it with a black suit because now you’ll not only be mistaken for a pick-up artist but one who actually looks like the blue brothers.

It’s Hard To Style or Coordinate

Styling or coordinating a fedora with just about any outfit is very difficult, think of it as being slapped on by many people who wear it and it actually shows. What’s the point of going for headwear that’s not just difficult to style but also hard to coordinate with your other outfits?

No One Will Take You Seriously

When you wear a fedora no one, and I mean no one will take you seriously. Yes, when you choose to wear this fashion accessory keep in mind that no one is going to take you seriously even if you were holding a kitchen knife that’s how bad it is.

You Can’t Wear one With Headphones

Headphones today do more than just give you access to your stored music. In fact, they are quickly becoming a fashion statement in their own right with many choosing to wear them around their neck, slightly above their heads, and so on just to showcase their style. While this is so, a fedora, due to its build, doesn’t allow you to wear one. So you’ll probably end up missing out on your music and the chance of showcasing your style with your headphones.

Why Do People Hate Fedoras: Reddit’s Responses

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit

why do people hate fedoras reddit


Forgetting all the additional drama, the main reason why many people hate fedoras is the fact that they are very difficult to style. Regardless of how you choose to wear them, they’ll just not work for you. Think of them as that one fashion accessory that’s not meant for the masses. In fact, one might argue that the only reason why celebrities get away with wearing them is simply that they are celebrities.

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