Tinder Reddit – 5 Hilarious Screenshots Of Unimaginable Replies!

In this article, we’re going to cover the five most hilarious screenshots from Tinder Reddit (r/Tinder) posts that’ll give you uncontrollable laughter. If you’re on Tinder often like us from Alien Minute, then you’ll understand the pain of creating the perfect message after matching with the “perfect” person.

And sometimes, these “perfect” messages end up failing miserably.

Fortunately, we have Tinder Reddit community members providing us with a little entertainment from their misery.

We’ve compiled a list of Tinder Reddit posts and we’re ready to share it with you. Here are the 5 most hilarious screenshots of unimaginable replies!

#1 Have Some Faith

reddit tinder post
Source: Have Some Faith

At first, it was a casual conversation with Faith. Once you get the end, you’re going to LOL! Funny enough, that was quite unexpected. The best part about this post is that OP continued to update his conversation.

How did it go with Faith? Let’s see.

tinder reddit screenshot
Source: Tinder With Faith Update

Well – from the looks of it, it seems like he’s rank #1 for Faith’s list of name jokes. Even Redditors joined in and commented jokes and you’re going to fall off your chair. In the screenshot, the last message from him asked her to go out but there wasn’t any response.

What did Redditors say?

tinder reddit comments

Hopefully, OP still has “Faith” at this point. 

#2 Tinder Train Facts

reddit tinder train facts
Source: Tinder Train Facts

Next on the list for hilarious Tinder Reddit posts is this screenshot of a user telling people train facts. That’s right! Unlike the majority of other users, this person created an account to mainly tell people to train facts.

Robots and humans are still trying to figure out their purpose in life but this guy already knows his! Other Redditors claim to have joke accounts but unfortunately, not by choice.

reddit tinder comments

#3 Ben & Jen

tinder ben and jen reddit

If this isn’t a winner, then we don’t know what is. This is one of those rare Tinder conversations that went as smooth as butter and funny at the same time. One Redditor went along the rhymes and commented:

tinder reddit ben and jen

Let’s hope for Ben that it’s not the last time he’ll be hearing from Jen.

#4 One Word Reply

tinder reddit
Source: Tinder 1 Word Reply

For some Tinder users, conversations can be boring that’ll lead to no responses at all. And of course – that’s way better than receiving a 1-word reply, which this Redditor had to deal with. Unfortunately, it really seems like he’s on the road to getting unmatched.

In the end, he updated the Tinder Reddit post with this comment.

tinder reddit unmatched

When your poor soul and spirit get crushed…

#5 “I’m A Toyota Prius”

tinder reddit post
Source: Are You A Hybrid?

Last on the list of funny Tinder Reddit posts is a screenshot of a conversation with their match asking “are you a hybrid?”

Well, this Redditor’s response was spot on. We guess all Asians are a Toyota Prius after all! After hitting the front page, Redditors played along in the comments.

reddit tinder comments

What model are you?

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