Where Are All The Good Men? (Info + Story)

If there is one thing many women agree on especially given the times we are leaving in is the fact that there are simply no more good men out there anymore. It’s very easy to find women who are not only good looking, in good physical shape, living interesting lives, and also very successful struggling to find someone to settle down with. And it’s across all ages surprisingly, am talking about from the early 30’s all the way to the late ’40s and so on. So what’s the problem exactly? Have all good men simply disappeared?

While there are some bad men out there, and I mean really bad men, there are lots of exceptions. It is with this that one might argue that the problem is with the women who are complaining that they are no good men anymore. A number of them simply don’t want to open their eyes and see what’s in front of them or what’s being presented to them. 

Where are all the good men

As the saying goes, women are always attracted to bad boys. This claim, as much as many women like to brush it off, is very true. This is why many of them end up with men that not only treat them badly but also end up sleeping around ultimately breaking their hearts.

Still don’t believe me? Well, take for instance this story a friend of mine was sharing with me some time back about this girl (will call her Sarah in this post) whom he had a crush on while in school and even when they reconnected later on in life.

The relationship between my friend and Sarah started way back in college. While they were close friends, nothing ever materialized between them romantically despite my friend dropping hints. Fast forward some years later and the two rekindled their relationship only now they were not in school but the outside world.

My friend was now working and Faith was just finishing up her internship. During this time, the two ended up spending time together and when I say time, I mean a great amount of time. In fact, they ended up even taking part in events that one would term very romantic more than once (by the way am just telling a story here).

Where are all the good men

Still, nothing really happened between them, in fact, during some of the places they went to, Faith was complaining about this guy she knew who she really wanted to date but he just never gave her the attention she wanted. She went on and on about how he was working for a good company, has money and so on but his attitude and behavior towards her weren’t just right.

Yes yes, my friend was friend-zoned I know but that’s not the point. See how Faith was with a good man who would have done anything for her and she just never realized as she was following the so-called bad boys. This is very common with many women today; they end up falling for the wrong men.

With this in mind, we can confidently conclude that yes, there are plenty of good men out there. All you need to do is just step out and look.

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