Who Invented Walking? What You Should Know.

Who Invented Walking

The first person who walked on two legs was probably a member of the hominid family. The earliest known ancestors of the human race lived in Africa about six million years ago, and they were bipedal apes. Scientists call these creatures Australopithecus afarensis, meaning “southern ape from Afar” (Afar is a region in Ethiopia).

These early hominids had long arms and short legs with feet adapted for walking upright. Their brains were larger than modern humans—about 1,000 cubic centimeters compared to 800 cubic centimeters today—and their hands had three fingers instead of two. They could also walk upright on two legs without falling over because their pelvis was wider than it is in modern humans.

Apes Walked On Two Legs

Australopithecines like Lucy became extinct around 2 million years ago when Homo erectus came along and started living more sedentary lives. Hominids are primates that include all great apes such as chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos; monkeys such as baboons; lemurs; lorises; tarsiers; hyraxes; sifakas (a group of nocturnal lemurlike animals); colobuses (a group of small tree-dwelling mammals); and others whose classification is still being debated by scientists today. Some researchers think some members may be related to elephants rather than primates!

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